Accounting is fun

10 Fun Accounting Facts

Two accountants are in a bank, when armed robbers burst in. Some people like to ask me, the accountingman, tough questions.

Because on the box it said Concentrate. Enjoy the good math of accounting. Why did the auditor get run over crossing the road?

How do you drive an accountant completely insane? You tell me, who is the real business man? They need us to help them analyze it, help them to figure out how they can do it more profitably," Horton said. A tax is a fine for doing well. Please let us know and we will send out an update.

Did you hear about the deviant Accounting is fun Accountant? What do accountants do for fun? What did the accountant say when he looked at the tax form? Popular How can you tell when the chief accountant is getting soft?

One of which is to have more fun. I believe in tracking numbers in order to make better decisions. We rib each other, pull some practical jokes and kibbitz around with the clients. Take a look at the 5 Surprising Facts in the slides below.

In other words you owe money to someone. What does CPA stand for? When he started, it really was all about the "proverbial number-crunching," he said.

Did you hear about the blonde Management Accountant? They find bookkeeping too exciting. Return on investments never will.Accounting includes various challenges, and facing them is fun also challenging your mind is fun.

The joy of accounting comes from advising people and improving their lives financially. So there is no doubt in saying that accounting is fun. Trivia. An easy but fun game for any accounting class or firm is trivia.

Trivia can be set up in many ways; however, the essentials are a set of trivia questions and an incentive for getting those questions right.

Check out five facts about accounting, 5 Surprising Facts About Accounting as a Profession But here are five fun facts we really want to spotlight.

10 Totally Random but Interesting Facts About Accounting

The FBI employs more than 2, accounting special agents who use their mad math skills to solve crimes. One of the reasons we lose so many young people (and experienced old ones, too) is that public accounting never was fun, or their firm doesn’t make it so.

We will examine how to keep valued employees, partners and staff in a future blog. Although it may seem unbelievable that “fun” could ever describe accounting – here are some reasons accounting is a lot more fun than you may think: You get to meet interesting people As an accountant working with the public you’ll get to meet a.

Who said accounting can’t be fun! Summer is winding down, the kids are heading back to school, and we’re between tax deadlines. What a perfect time to have some fun with a blog post, rather than writing about our normal tax tip and HOA audit topics.

Accounting is fun
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