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For example, a child can never contradict his or her parents; and the left hand cannot be used to accept money from parents, or as a gesture of respectful communication.

Family relations, colleges or universities previously attended by relatives and friends, and the weather are three major considerations for settlement by Nigerian Americans.

Gowon proposed to abolish the regions of Nigeria and replace them with 12 states. African American tourists visit Nigeria in huge numbers every year to explore their heritage. Friends, relatives, an well-wishers from the home country and across the United States are invited to the ceremony.

For example, the Akpei people neighbors to the nearby Igbuno village have found that someone has fished and trampled in their stream. American And Nigerian Culture, you can hire a professional writer here to write you a high quality authentic essay. The existence of the diverse tribal and cultural groups makes it hard to single out one native language as the national language.

Green represents the agricultural richness of the nation, while the white stands for unity and peace. In early the distribution of petroleum revenues between the government and the Eastern Region, where the majority of Ibos come from, sparked a conflict. Even though they target the general population for their clientele, Nigerian Americans invest time in acquiring Nigerian and other African clientele.

If she had been sent home, her two children could have had their clitoris and part of their labia minora cut. Though our cultures seem alike in the above ways, they are very different in their technological status.

Colonel Ojukwu, a soldier from the Ibo tribe, announced the secession of the Eastern Region, and declared a Republic of Biafra. As part of sex education, many Nigerian American parents alert their children to the problem of teenage pregnancy and its ensuing responsibilities.

The name of the child is chosen before the ceremony. On October 1,Nigeria became an independent country, but this independence brought about a series of political crises.

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When the guests have had enough to drink, the new mother asks her mother to serve the food, which is usually a combination of rice, garri, yams, or fufu, and soup and stew made with stock-fish, ordinary fish, meat, and other types of game meat.

They inculcate traditional practices such as dancing and drumming into their worship. This ambitious habit was copied by many Nigerian Americans settling in the United States.

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A steady increase in Nigerians continued when the oil boom in the s made Nigeria one of the wealthiest nations in Africa and many came to the United States to study. Through commercial contacts and colonization, Islamic and European religions were introduced in Nigeria.

He would have a shower in the master American and nigerian culture essay on the third floor of his home. Nigerian Americans try to maintain these traditional values, but as a result of peer pressure in American society, young Nigerian Americans resist this type of strict discipline from their parents.

Belonging to the Kwa group of languages, Yoruba is a tonal tongue. In many metropolitan areas, Nigerian Americans with one or several graduate degrees are taxi drivers or security officers.

In the late s and s Nigeria was among the top six countries in the number of students sent to study in the United States. There is no typical Nigerian American dish. The accompanying wedding reception is a stupendous feast of African cuisine, traditional and modern music and dancing, and an ostentatious display of both African and American costumes.

Common Ibo expressions include: Depending on the tone used, the same combination of sounds may convey different meanings. A week after that the final wake is held on a Friday, and the funeral dance and ceremonies on a Saturday. Nnamdi Azikiwe, first President of Nigeria and first indigenous governor-general of Nigeria.

Nigerian Americans returning from visits to Nigeria bring back with them both contemporary and old music in various formats.

Gowon was overthrown in a bloodless military coup on July 29,when he was attending a summit meeting of the Organization of African Unity. Traditionally, the yam has been the symbol of the prowess of the Ibo man.

Under pressure, Babaginda resigned and left power in the hands of a handpicked and widely opposed interim government headed by Ernest Shonekan, who was prominent in business and supported Babaginda. We in America enjoy computers, modems, faxes,video equipment, cellular phones, huge supermarkets, and discount stores, etc.

In many Nigerian cultures elders are supposed to be served first during a meal but leave food in the bowl for the children to eat as leftovers. Formerly considered as a Kwa language, recent research has placed Ibo in the Benue-Congo family of languages.

Yoruba, Ibo, and Hausa. Americanization Culture influences different aspects of an individual’s identity. In its purposefulness, it creates a feeling of belonging and a shared lifestyle among people, while it divides the world into communities of common customs, values, religion, practices, and law.1 American culture can be seen as more diverse and complex; however, people manage to find common ground through.

A Comparison and Contrast Between American and Nigerian Culture american culture, nigerian culture, buchi emecheta, the wrestling match.

Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Exactly what I needed. Sign up to. World's Culture: Nigerian Tribes Essay - Case synopsis In order to analyze world’s culturres, the study will focus on five features of culture.

These are the rituals, artifacts, beliefs, values, norms and language. Essay American and Nigerian Culture American and Nigerian cultures are alike in some aspects of life, while being dissimilar in other aspects. This idea is clearly exemplified when one compares their own experience and knowledge of culture in America to that description and portrayal of Nigerian culture as seen through Buchi Emecheta"s novel, The Wrestling Match.

American Culture Essay; American Culture Essay. Native American Culture. Words | 4 Pages. Native American Culture Have you ever wonder how the world was created from another culture’s perspective?

Native Americans used creation myths to explained to their people how the world was developed overtime. American and Nigerian cultures are. In many American cities, it is not uncommon to find Nigerian and other African restaurants owned and operated by Nigerian Americans.

Nigerian Americans have established their own small businesses, including travel agencies, parking lots, taxi stands, cultural exchange programs, and health and life insurance agencies.

American and nigerian culture essay
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