An introduction to the life of stanislas kostka

Lives of the Saints

His brother Paul said during the process of beatification: A custom was introduced for the novices during his sojourn in Rome; they would turn toward Her church of Saint Mary Major and ask, kneeling, for Her benediction; this practice has been conserved in the Roman novitiate ever since that time.

Stanislaus was soon conspicuous among his classmates during his 3 years of schooling, not only for his amiability and cheerfulness of expression, but also for his growing religious fervour and piety. Then he started, exchanging the dress of gentleman for that of a mendicantwhich was the only way to escape the curiosity of those he met.

Stanislaus Kostka

I shall reflect on myself and ask: Paul Kostka wept for long years over his mistreatment of his younger brother, and was about to enter the Society of Jesus himself inwhen he died suddenly on November 13th, anniversary of the discovery of the incorrupt remains of Saint Stanislaus.

Stanislaus is a popular saint of Poland, and many religious institutions have chosen him as the protector of their novitiates. This project employed some of the most prominent sculptors of Rome who were, however, made to follow the guidelines and in most cases drawings, of the all influential painter Carlo Maratta.

Having probably been painted at Rome within two years of his death, it may be regarded as the best likeness. He also said that the Blessed Mother came to him in a vision, encouraging him to become a Jesuit. Le Gros is here as French as he would ever be and invented a spectacular sepulchral monument, at once continuing in the French baroque tradition and opening up new formal as well as iconological avenues.

His notes reflect both a youthful idealism and an adult commitment. The marriage was blessed with seven children, of whom Stanislas was the second. Stanislaus suffered the unjust treatment with remarkable stoicism and patience, but there came one night when, after having again suffered the harsh comments and blows from his brother, he turned on Paul with the words: His confidence in the Blessed Virginwhich had already brought him many signal favours, was this time again rewarded; on 15 August, towards four in the morning, while he was wrapt in pious utterances to Godto the saintsand to the Virgin Mary, his beautiful soul passed to its Creator.

Francesco di Paola in S. He was greatly consoled by this favor and another which immediately followed it; the Blessed Virgin also appeared and assured him that God wanted him to enter the Jesuit Society.

Alumnus of Kostka Hall in Melbourne, Australia. The premises then were also a rather ramshackle affair and far from the grandeur the academy would later enjoy after a move to the Villa Medici in the 19th century.

The editor of New Advent is Kevin Knight. So long has it lived in perpetual exile, expelled from its own heavenly home. In The Catholic Encyclopedia. Among the students of the college Stanislas was soon conspicuous not only for his amiability and cheerfulness of expression, but also for his religious fervour and angelic piety.

He attended the Viennese Jesuit college from age 14 with his brother Paul, who badly mistreated him.

St. Stanislas Kostka

Nine months into his novitiate he again became very sick. Here are a few excerpts: As for the Ateneo de Davao Universitythe grade school chapel, adorned with stained glass depictions of the life of Jesus Christ, was named after him.

At Vienna they hesitated to receive him, fearing the tempest that would probably be raised by his father against the Societywhich had just quieted a storm that had broken out on account of other admissions to the Company.

He was soon considered as a Saint in Italy and Poland; in he was declared Blessed and was canonized in St. Stanislaus Kostka joined the Jesuits despite family objections. Stanislaus kept a journal reflecting his commitment to faith. Learn more.

The Annunciation and Life of the Virgin (c. ) The Annunciation (c. ) Paolo Uccello, Introduction to the Protestant Reformation (part 1 of 4): Setting the stage Pierre Le Gros the Younger, Stanislas Kostka on His Deathbed Flanders Browse this content Peter Paul Rubens.

Stanislas Kostka, Saint, b. at Rostkovo near Prasnysz, Poland, about October 28, ; d. at Rome during the night of AugustHe entered the Society of Jesus at Rome, October 28,and is said to have foretold his death a few days before it occurred.

The Life of St. Stanislaus Kostka: Of the Society of Jesus [Catholic Church, Brother Hermenegild TOSF] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THE work of the well-known Jesuit Father, P. Daniello Bartoli, entitled Della Vitae Miracoli del B.

Stanislao Kostka. Today Holy Church celebrates the life of St. Stanislaus Kostka.

Pierre Le Gros the Younger

St. Stanislaus was born son of a noble Polish senator at Rostkowo, Przasnysz County, Poland, on October 28, He attended the Viennese Jesuit college from age 14 with his brother Paul, who badly mistreated him.

While staying at the home of a Lutheran, he became gravely ill, but.

St. Stanislaus Kostka, SJ (1550–1568)

Saint Stanislaus Kostka. Saint Stanislaus Kostka was born in Poland inof a noble Polish family. At the age of fourteen he was sent with his older brother Paul to study at the Jesuit College in Vienna.

An introduction to the life of stanislas kostka
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