Argumentative essay about millennium development goals

When inequality in income is extremely high, rich community often dictates the political system and neglects poor people, preventing broadly based development.

To support income generation of rural people: Donor countries assumed that poor nations would be able to accomplish economic growth, so long as they tackled good economic governance, based on the principles of macroeconomic stability, privatization of economic activity, and liberalization of markets.

The cost calculation of these goals is on the basis of capital requirements at the level of a country. As a first step, it determined the total investment capital required to accomplish the goals in each country.

For accomplishing the target, Bangladesh still requires to attain a GDP growth rate of 7. According to the data collected by HIES, the entire reduction in the urban poverty occurred during the beginning of nineties, while the second half of nineties observed deterioration in the urban poverty line.

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This paper also examines the technologies implemented so far in achieving of the goals, and the way the degree of application has been helpful so far to accomplish the goals in the context of suffering countries. Poverty Attaining the goal of reducing poverty by half still demands a significant acceleration of poverty income reduction from the average annual rate of 1.

As a result, the country has already achieved the water Millennium Goal. Bangladesh has also made significant development towards improving equality in gender, in primary education, and continues on track for meeting the MDGs. Argumentative essay about millennium development goals substantial section of the Sachs Report deals with the costs of achieving of the Millennium Goals.

This implies that official development assistance must expand from currently 0. To reduce child mortality and improve maternal health The MDGs 4 and 5 relate to child health and maternal health, including the reduction targets of two-thirds in less than five years in mortality rates, and three-quarters reduction in the ratio of maternal mortality by However, with the introduction of the Development Goals, the UN has reached the goal of halving the poverty levels far before the set date of This expansion in the urban poverty line during the second half of the decade caused by the negative growth in per capita consumption was the prime reason.

With the consistent growth of our population, poverty rates would hypothetically rise proportionally. The above data demonstrates that development in reducing rural poverty line has been the highest.

Social and economic progress also often surpass racial and ethnic minorities or even majorities, as well as women and girls, who continue to suffer gender difference in access to education, employment opportunities, public services, and private property.

Millennium Development Goals

Besides, this goal accomplishes a few specified sets of interventions, such as an approach to core transport infrastructure and energy service that are critical inputs for attaining the income poverty target.

Urgent investments in this sector need attention.

Millenium Development Goals Essay

In the wake of publicly declared governmental contribution, the Sachs Report calculated a deficit of 46 billion US dollars for Although maternal health and child health present all together different challenges and pull in different directions, yet, they have an inextricably interconnection.

Behind these goals there is a large number of lives, and hopes of people are banking to end the burden of grinding poverty. The alliance began with 51 original members and has since grown to united countries. Even rapidly growing economies, such as India, China, Brazil and Mexico, contain many regions of extreme poverty relieved little by the impact of overall economic growth.

Millennium Development Goals Essay

Quite noticeably, there is a significant reduction in the maternal mortality rates; however, child and infant mortality rates continue to remain high and are unlikely to attain the MDG Targets inunless progress in this sector accelerates.

Hunger reduction is close to half as we approach and gender equality has been increasingly emphasized in the last decade. There was an expectation that economic progress, in turn, would bring considerable improvements in nutrition, education, health, housing, and availability of basic infrastructure, such as sanitation and water; thereby, enabling poor countries to rise from poverty and hunger.

At the turn of the century, these countries collaborated together for the Millennium Summit in New York city, creating a set of descriptive goals with set target dates for the purpose of globalization and achieving freedom and equality for all.

They also establish the basic human rights, such as the rights of individual to health, shelter, security, and education, as declared in the UN Millennium Declaration and Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Eradicate extreme hunger and poverty. Analyze and discuss the progress of a developed and developing country towards the MDGs chosen for research Bangladesh suffers from the extremely high levels of hunger and poverty with more than 50 percent of the population continuing to live their lives below the line of national poverty in Essay on Millennium Development Goals.

well-being * Through advances in technology- people can produce more food, create new products, and accrue material wealth * Ways of measuring development- development in economic welfare, development in technology an production, and development in social welfare * Gross National Product(GNP)- (most common way of comparing development in.

In this essay I am going to discuss the millennium development goal 6 which is the eradication of HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases. This is a huge problem throughout Africa and especially closer to home in South Africa.

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is the end result of the United Nations Millennium Summit in September focusing on eight development Goals: eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, achieve universal primary education, promote gender equality and empower women, reduce child morality, improve maternal health, combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases, ensure.

Sample of The Millennium Development Goals Essay (you can also order custom written The Millennium Development Goals essay). Millennium Development Goals Essay At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the countries that compose the United Nations (UN) agreed to eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), which they pledged to complete by the year The Millennium Development Goals are the strongest statement yet of the international commitment to ending global poverty.

They represent a partnership between the developing countries and the developed countries to create an environment, at the national and global levels alike, which is conductive to development and the elimination of poverty.

Argumentative essay about millennium development goals
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