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Samples that melted were recorded.

What information will the Enterotube II Test give us? Push the wire back through the Enterotube so that the 12 chambers are re-inoculated.

Inoculate the Enterotube with the bacterial culture by drawing, and at the same time rotating, the wire through the 12 compartments. For the melting tests, approximately polymer beads were placed in an aluminum weigh boat.

Use color where appropriate. The interpretation is done by determining a five-digit code from the results and then consulting a coding manual. Dilute liquid no clumping. It is ordinarily rigid, but can be made flexible with certain additives called plasticizers. What does agglutination mean?

Bulky or large side groups can impede rotation, thus raising the melting temperature Callister, Polyethylene, another polymer in table 1 is chemically resistant, electrically insulating, tough, and has a low coefficient of friction, yet has low strength and poor resistance to weathering.

Procedure a Place a drop of the Latex Control liquid in one of the circles on the test card. At low molecular weights, polymers with longer chains have higher melting temperatures that those with shorter chains.

Microbiology Unknown

The boat was labeled and placed in a Blue Heating Oven. The Latex Control liquid will have the liquid contain the latex beads with no antibodies attached. Touch a well-isolated colony from an agar plate with the tip of the wire. Remove the caps from both ends of the Enterotube.

Branching induces defects into the crystalline structure of a polymer, thus lowering the melting temperature Callister, Agarplate Read the Latex Agglutination Test information provided and answer the following: It is also chemically inert and relatively inexpensive, but has a poor resistance to UV light.

Polypropylene is a widely used polymer, best known for its resistance to heat distortion, excellent electrical properties and fatigue strength. A polymer with a high degree of branching generally has a lower melting temperature than a similar molecular weight polymer with a low degree of branching.

Polycarbonates can be found in safety helmets, lenses, light globes, and as a base for photographic film Callister, The Enterotube II System The basic philosophy of the Enterotube II System is the speed, ease and low cost in the identification of gram negative, glucose fermenting, oxidase-negative Enterobacteriaceae.

The tip of the wire is sterile and does not need to be flamed. What will a negative result look like?

The end of the needle can touch an isolated bacterial colony and then in one movement can be drawn through the 12 compartments so that every compartment is inoculated. Since we are in microbiology we are looking for the clumping of Epitopes found on the surface of Antigen that will bind to specific Antibody that were made by Immune system B cells.Free Essay: Percent Copper and Formula of a Copper Compound Sofia Economides Date Preformed: 3/19/ Date Submitted: 3/26/ Lab Partners: Anita Smith.

Man on Wire Essay; Man on Wire Essay. Words Mar 9th, 4 Pages.

Show More. Resisitivity Through Copper Wire Essay.

Determination of Unknown Polymer Properties

taking care of the equipment they use and measuring each value to a certain degree of accuracy for all results. The problem with measuring the resistivity of Copper wire is due to the properties.

Certain unknown wire To find out how resistivity changes as the length of wire is changed, and to find out the resistivity of a certain unknown wire. Equipment Power Pack Ammeter Voltmeter Crocodile clips Wire Metre rule Thermometer Method 1. Determination of Unknown Polymer Properties This Essay Determination of Unknown Polymer Properties and other 64,+ term papers, This polymer is best utilized in floor coverings, piping, electrical wire insulation, garden hoses, and.

Man on Wire Essay examples; Man on Wire Essay examples. Words Sep 24th, 3 Pages. September 11, The things that affect the resistance in a wire are: • the length of the wire • a certain amount of wire • cross sectional area of the wire (thickness) • temperature • material What things can affect the resistance in a.

Free experiment for finding resistance of an unknown resistor papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search returned over essays for "experiment for finding resistance of The purpose of this investigation is to see how certain variables in a wire affect the dependent variable, resistance.

These are the variables that will.

Certain unknown wire essay
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