Criminal law case digests

The appellant warned not to tell her mother about it, otherwise he would kill her. Inconsistencies mean and even strengthen. Petition for certiorari is granted. On June 14,he was charged with illegal possession of firearms and ammunition in furtherance of subversion PD Tujan filed motion to quash invoking protection versus double jeopardy Art.

The appellant initially denied having possession of the firearm.


Treachery was irrefutably indicated in the method by which the assailants waited for the victim to pass by before suddenly attacking her and preventing her escape. Whether time is an essential element of statutory rape. They sat on a bench opposite said house while sharing light moments.

On August 22,Narvaez shot Fleischer and Rubia during the time the two were constructing a fence that would prevent Narvaez from getting into his house and rice mill.

criminal law

February 17, Facts: To establish conspiracy, it is not essential that there be proof as to the previous agreement to commit a crime. Testimony inexorably shows that complainant obviously consented to the sexual act which was done not only once but twice.

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Victim was made to kneel on the floor and then stabbed him on the stomach with a samurai, while the other pointed a gun to his face. Langres October 13, Sindo bothers attended a dance which ended about midnight.

Neither can they recover damages. It is enough that the malefactor intimidated the complainant into submission. First of all, a consul is not entitled to the privilege of diplomatic immunity. The defendant never filed and denied unequivocally in his statements, through counsel at the Court of Appeals, that he filed for dismissal nor did he agree to a provisional dismissal thereof.

The combination of all the circumstances is such as to produce a conviction beyond reasonable doubt. The presence of unlawful aggression is a condition sine qua non. Yes, the accused is guilty of murder.

When he did not see anybody, he proceeded towards the road. To establish conspiracy, it is not necessary that there be proof of the previous agreement to commit the crime, it being enough that the malefactors shall have acted in concert pursuant to the same objective.

Criminal Law Case Digests

WON this court has jurisdiction or legal power to afford relief to the petitioners in the sad and sorry plight to which they have been and are being subjected? The court confirmed the express consent of the respondent in the provisional dismissal of the aforementioned cases when he filed for judicial determination.

They stopped by 7pm. He addressed the group and asked them to stop destroying his house and asking if they could talk things over.

Not only was it not proven that there was provocation on the part of the hapless victim but the attack at the back of the victim was made in such a manner that would make it difficult for the deceased to offer an effective defense against his aggressor.

There is no dispute that the money was spent for a public purpose — payment of the wages of laborers working on various projects in the municipality.Jan 27,  · As explained by an eminent author of criminal law, rape and acts of lasciviousness have the same nature.

There is, however, a fundamental difference between the two. In rape, there is the intent to lie with a woman whereas this element is absent in acts of lasciviousness. Sep 14,  · Case Digests Manage MyAlerts Sign In To Follow Share results for '* topic:"Criminal Law"' You can use Search Constraints to get even better search results.

A digest of Supreme Court Cases decisions organized according to sections of the Indian Penal Code, Indian Evidence Act and the Code of Criminal Procedure. Contains a table of cases. Coverage is from through February Case Digests. Manage MyAlerts Sign In To Follow Share. Criminal Law Industry: Court: Court of Appeal, Case Number: Criminal Trespass, Possession of Weapon and Petit Larceny Guilt.


LANTION [ SCRA ()] Nature: Petition for review of a decision of the Manila RTC Facts: On June 18, the Department of Justice received from the Department of Foreign Affairs a request for the extradition of private respondent Mark Jimenez to the [ ].

Criminal Law Case Digests EVANGELINE LADONGA VS. G.R. No. PEOPLE OF February THE 17, PHILIPPINES Facts: Inspouses Adronico and Evangeline Ladonga became Alfredo Oculam’s regular customers in .

Criminal law case digests
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