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What kind of opportunity is this for Cumberland Metals? Because CMI pads transfer the energy from the pile more efficiently they were less likely to result in damage to the pile that may affect the integrity of the foundation. It almost looks too good to be true. How are you going to market these pads?

Meanwhile, the company should use all the accessible resources to make advertisements of the new cushion pad and its unique performance based on the Professor R.

Cumberland Metal Industries Essay Sample

A successful market introduction could as much as double the sales of this company, as well as compensate for the decline of some existing lines. The only problem left is to decide what price should the company charge for the new product, and it is a decision case. What is the cost to produce the pads?

With regards to safety, the CMI pad alleviates any health hazard concerns, which many workers were starting to feel towards the asbestos pads. CMI should distribute these directly to the consumer for the reasons mentioned earlier in this analysis.

The engineering contractors can be very helpful unless the product has already proved its performance. Again, in comparison, only 5 CMI pads would have been needed. The cushion pads, consisting of curled metal, were superior in performance to the asbestos pads currently used throughout the industry.

Would any of these parties be interested in seeing CMI fail? Who are the influencers, channel members, and decision makers in the purchase of the curled metal pads? Cumberland Metal Industries 1.

Cumberland Metal Industries

It is likely that at the time of the case larger firms were not yet concerned about the major litigation issues surrounding the use of asbestos. This market penetration strategy will attract some of the independent contractors to test its performance.

Furthermore, initial testing demonstrated the significant performance advantages of the metal pads over asbestos pads.

The CMI product testing showed great efficiency gains over the current standard asbestos product.The table below breaks down the economic value in use of the CMI pads according to both the Colerick and Fazio tests.

I used the data from each case to derive the number of hours of driving required to complete the job with both the asbestos and CMI pads. The difference in time to complete [ ]. Read this essay on Cumberland Metal Industries.

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These custom papers should be used with proper references. Cumberland Metal Industries Analysis Essay example Words | 6 Pages Executive Summary Cumberland Metal Industries (CMI), which was historically one of the largest manufacturers of curled metal products in the country, has developed a new product.

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Cumberland Metal Industries Analysis Essay - Executive Summary Cumberland Metal Industries (CMI), which was historically one of the largest manufacturers of curled metal products in the country, has developed a new product.

This product is a metal cushion pad which is to be used with large crane-pile driving activities.

Cumberland metal industries essay
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