How to describe a fantasy city

I wanted to try something a little bit different. By connecting these points to their downstream neighbours, we can trace out the river paths. Each god had his own side of the d20 and each edge or point was a domain such as Love, War, etc. The gods are an extended family with roles and friction based on their status in the family.

Where is it and how do you go about your quest to get home? For example a beast that howls can be called a howler, or a beast that steals souls could be a reaper.

Urban fantasy

The religion in the Rose of the Prophet books by Weis and Hickman was organized like a d The most important of these stories is why or how was the world created?

The religion design choices to make are endless, How to describe a fantasy city the text above describes the major options available for the major design choices. For example, the Christian bible has two creation stories. You can have the program do it all in one step, or run it in a step-by-step fashion and edit the map and details as you go.

He appointed the Scarecrow to rule in his absence, but when the time came the Wizard and his balloon floated away, accidently leaving Dorothy behind. The world is a large flat canvas drawn by the gods.

This gives a map of water flux, which usually converges into a nice branching river structure, with lots of small streams feeding a larger central channel.

Roleplaying City Map Generator

In most of the world, by far the largest influence on the shape of landforms is fluvial water-based erosion. Hamilton and Kim Harrison as notable contributors to the genre. Before coming to the magical Land of Oz in his hot air balloon, he lived in a Circus Carnival and traveled all around the countries in America duping people left and right and practicing the magic tricks that made him a great Magician.

While the vast majority of fantasy religions are personifications based on human beings the other possibilities may be a good fit for your campaign and may make your setting a little more different from others.

Wakka takes Tidus to the village and in Besaid Temple they learn that an apprentice summoner has not returned from the Cloister of Trials. How Oscar Became A Wizard After acquiring Ifrit in the Kilika Templethe party arrives at Luca for the annual Blitzball World Championship, with Tidus learning his new team, the Besaid Aurochs, is the butt of the tournament, having a twenty-three-year losing streak.

A few of these can look good, but too many just looks messy. How does this change things? Your weakness could also be a time frame, such as only killing it during a full moon, which can actually help with story pacing and progression. Followers of a religion with a pantheon of gods would hold one god whose domain most directly impacted their lives in higher esteem, but they would also pay respect to the other gods especially as circumstances merited the respect.

Adult fiction[ edit ] Many urban-fantasy novels geared toward adults are told via a first-person narrativeand often feature mythological beings, romanceand female protagonists who are involved in law enforcement or vigilantism. This is another place where your imagination could run wild, but you should temper that instinct due to time restrictions and because it may be good to add more details later.

Wizard of Oz (character)

A new civil rights movement, perhaps? In other cases a hierarchy except in the loosest sense would be inappropriate as in the case of some nature gods. By artist Charles Santore. The approach I use is the same as in this articlewhich is one of the better references out there on how to do non-fractal terrain generation.

Describe your first couple of weeks with this new found life hack. Perhaps the god feels the ability is being abused and has lowered its effectiveness and will increase it as the character becomes more powerful. Or it could be that the air gets colder and mistier or the other animals in the area go silent.

Snot might drip from its nose, blood could be stained on its paws or chunks of its flesh might be missing where it got into previous battles. Often these vary by culture the Greeks had their gods and at the same time the Egyptians had theirs but within major cultures there may be multiple major religions if the leadership is particularly tolerant.

The erosion tends to produce quite rough terrain, which becomes tiny islands when cut off by sea Joe Wetzel (joewetzel at gmail dot com) [If you like this article, check out the other Worldbuilding articles on this website using the sidebar navigation.].

How to Describe a Fantasy Creature

Last time I went over some techniques one could use when trying to describe a fantasy time I’m going to focus on fantasy creatures (not to.

From FF1. The Four Fiends of FF1 all have mythological names. The idea of four elements (earth, fire, air, and water) making up all matter in the cosmos goes back to the ancient Greeks. But the Fiends' names aren't all Greek.

Worldbuilding: Fantasy Religion Design Guide

Charles L. Grant is often cited as having coined the term "dark fantasy". Grant defined his brand of dark fantasy as "a type of horror story in which humanity is threatened by forces beyond human understanding". He often used dark fantasy as an alternative to horror, as horror was increasingly associated with more visceral works.

Dark fantasy is sometimes also used to describe.

Final Fantasy Names

[The City of Brass] reads like an invitation for readers from Baghdad to Fairbanks to meet across impossibly divergent worlds through the shared language and images of.

An interactive exploration of the map generation algorithm behind @unchartedatlas.

How to describe a fantasy city
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