How to overcome cultural issue

There is a real problem in how we communicate. In spite of having an overall disrespect for Native Americans, early US intellectual leaders used Native American ideas to plan democracy.

For example, retire the corporate website of an acquired entity and have your current business website serve as the official corporate website. Transition Period Create a transition period for migrating from some of the existing organizational practices to the new procedures that may be necessitated by your merger or acquisition.

People act according to the values of their own culture. Divide a group of people into pairs to conduct role-playing exercises that allow participants to acknowledge culture difference exist.

So people are different from each other. Have each pair report to the larger group on their experiences. The integration process should see you maintain your existing business structures as the primary point of reference, with the incoming entity providing secondary information for adjusting the primary organizational structures.

Being tolerant and respectful of others is not a personal preference. Run meetings to expose your employees to other cultures.

How to Overcome Cross Cultural Communication in Business

When we have problems with someone of a different group, we tend to identify the problem as having to do with the group, rather than ourselves or the specific person. The Native American has been damaged by mass media. We have a lot of confusion about what families are supposed to be like especially because we have a lot of extended families due to divorce and re-marriage.

Provide workshops, tips and techniques for communicating effectively in cross-cultural work environments. Almost everything is pitched as a feel good, be better, get more sex item.

We develop stereotypes not just for large cultures, but smaller ones; such as police officers, Mexican Americans, women, or executive males.

We welcome and pick up on many things in new cultures such as diet, art, music, patterns of behavior, language idiom, etc. The white culture has for years attempted to insulate the remnants of African Cultures. Let each participant suggest how the problem would be handled in their own culture. Mergers and acquisitions bring together businesses that have different corporate profiles, with the merged firm surrendering its corporate rights to the dominant entity.

The media continually normalizes violence, reinforces racism, and creates myths of who we are as Americans. Allow the employees of the merged or acquired entity to be trained on issues such as work performance and feedback communication processes of your business.How to Overcome Corporate Cultural Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions by Paul Cole-Ingait.

How to Overcome Corporate Cultural Issues in Mergers & Acquisitions

Realign some aspects of your corporate culture after merging or. How to Overcome Language and Cultural Barriers in the Workplace. Published on June 3, ; This is an obvious case of the need for a policy decision regarding cultural diversity on this issue.

Many questions and answers about cultural issues. Stereotypes, discrimination, differences among people. When we’re stereotyping we get caught up in the issue of that’s what "they do", that’s how "those people" are, instead of being in touch with our actual feelings of Cultural differences are more about human development, and not.

In global companies, effective cross-cultural communication enables businesses to run more smoothly. By acknowledging the potential problems that can occur and taking proactive steps to minimize. Next, we discuss what leaders can do to overcome these hurdles.

Three Major Issues in Cross Cultural Communication. Ambiguity; Cultures provide people with ways of thinking--ways of seeing. Find common ground where everyone can understand each other and respect cultural differences.

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How to overcome cultural issue
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