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We encourage the submission of all variants to publicly accessible databases.

How to write a case report

We accept images in the following formats; jpg, tiff, gif, PowerPoint and eps. The Case Report CARE guidelines 3 were developed following a three-phase consensus process and provide a item checklist that can assist researchers in publishing complete and meaningful exposition of medical information.

We will not reject cases simply because you have a competing interest, but we will make a declaration on whether you have competing interests.

Definitions In the biomedical published literature, a case report is the description of the clinical course of one individual, which may include particular exposures, symptoms, signs, interventions or outcomes. Scanners may automatically increase image size at a higher resolution.

Papers may be rejected on ethical grounds if the study involves unnecessary pain, distress, suffering or lasting harm to animals, or if the severity of the experimental procedure does not appear to be justified by the value of the work presented.

Nevertheless, such observations remain the bread and butter of learning by pattern recognition and integral to advancing medical knowledge.

Follows international, national and institutional guidelines for humane animal treatment and complies with relevant legislation; Has been approved by the ethics review committee at the institution or practice at which the studies were conducted where such a committee exists; For studies using client-owned animals, demonstrates a high standard best practice of veterinary care and involves informed client consent; Before acceptance of a manuscript, to verify compliance with the above policies, the authors must: When submitting video files, you must complete the "video caption" box in Case Report template.

Inthe American Medical Association reprinted 51 papers from its journal that had significantly changed the science and practice of medicine over the past years, and five of these papers were case reports.

This checklist encourages the explicit presentation of patient information, clinical findings, timeline, diagnostic assessment, therapeutic interventions, follow-up and outcomes.

Dr Herrick concluded that the red cells were not artefacts because the appearance of the cells was maintained regardless of how the smear slide was prepared. Intellectual property rights On submission the Corresponding Author will be asked to agree the following terms and conditions: Intellectual property rights On submission the Corresponding Author will be asked to agree the following terms and conditions: This approach, however, was rarely used in subsequent work and seems to conflate methodological quality with other constructs.

It may arise for the authors of an article when they have a financial interest that may influence, probably without their knowing, their interpretation of their results or those of others.

Please only submit images of affected areas to preserve patient anonymity. He followed the patient who had subsequently received care from other physicians until and questioned whether this was syphilis or a parasite from the tropics.

If you choose a higher resolution your image dimension should be reduced accordingly to keep the file under 2MB. All black and white images should be saved to a minimum of dpi.

You may chose to upload an ICJME conflict of interest statement for each author or complete the free text box on submission. Cropping should be as tight as possible, to eliminate unwanted detail. For case reports of adverse drug reactions, other systems classify an association as definite, probable, possible or doubtful based on leading questions.

Scanners may automatically increase image size at a higher resolution. All black and white images should be saved to a minimum of dpi. This tool was applied in several published systematic reviews with good inter-rater agreement. Please provide up to words highlighting the most important aspects of the case presentation and outcome Competing interests Please read this advice carefully Acknowledgements You will then be asked to upload your completed Word template as well as any images and multimedia files.

Format for Images We encourage you to submit all relevant images and there is no restriction on the use of colour. You may also submit supplementary material to support the submission and review of your article, eg, papers in press elsewhere, published articles, raw data.

Authors, researchers and freelancers can also use iThenticate to screen their work before submission by visiting www.Green B, Johnson C.

WJES and case reports/case series

How to Write a Case Report for Publication. J of Chiro Med ;72– Kienle GS. Why medical case reports. Global Advances in Health and Medicine ; Leung B, Seely D.

Guidelines to case report writing for naturopathic doctors. Int J Naturopathic Med ; National Health and Medical.

Case Report or Series

Writing a medical case report Case reports have fallen out of favour, but they still have a role to play Box 1: Famous case reports Multiple myeloma Henry Bence-Jones (left) and William MacIntyre contributed greatly to our understanding of multiple myeloma by recording the effect of this disease on Thomas Alexander McBean.

Case reports and case series are uncontrolled study designs known for increased risk of bias but have profoundly influenced the medical literature and continue to advance our knowledge.

In this guide, we present a framework for appraisal, synthesis and application of evidence derived from case Guidance on how to write a case report is. Case series (CS) and case reports (CR) consist either of collections of reports on the diagnosis and treatment of individual patients, or of a report on a single patient.

Since its launch in MarchWorld Journal of Emergency Surgery (WJES) has received high numbers of CRs for publication: up until December they represented % of all.

Instructions for Authors. BMJ Case Reports is an important educational resource that offers a high volume of cases across all disciplines. How to write for BMJ Case Reports. On submission you will be asked to complete a series of fields as follows.

There are two templates: one for full cases and one for Images in (the latter are very brief articles comprising 1 or 2 striking and/or clinically important images with a brief description of the educational message).

Writing a BMJ Case Report

To help you write full case reports we have prepared this template which provides advice for each section.

How to write a case series bmj classified
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