Inventory management for pran mango juice

Trade Oriented Sales Promotion includes dealer contest and incentives, trade allowances.

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Purchase acceleration was more likely to be exhibited in increased purchase quantity than in shortened inter purchase times. So, in this stage, we will use cost-plus pricing.

Trade Oriented Sales Promotion: A price-off is simply a reduction in the price of the product to increase sales and is very often used when introduction a new product.

Nature of the product: This strategy is very common in the software business for example: Distribution Channel The retailers informed that every company follows the same distribution channel process for soft drinks distribution. Buy one liter Pran and get a Frisbee.

Our marketing objectives will be maximizing market share. In stock-out situation during the running of the sales promotion schemes, smaller retailers had to wait for replenishment of stocks till the next scheduled weekly visit by the dealer salesman but big retailers were serviced on telephonic request for replenishment of stocks.

If any deviation occurs we will try to fix it instantly and will recover the mishap for ensuring smooth production and sales simultaneously. Perceptions about Buying Roles: We will also go for a consumer survey toward our product, weather they like or dislike our product and why, our packaging system, advertising campaign, promotional offer.

Marketers hire temporary demonstrator who set up a table or booth and offers sample to passing by shoppers. This approach of the company leads to misappropriation which in turn could result in adverse brand image. It is worthwhile to use coupon as a promotion tool because data shows that market for packaged goods increased from 16 billion in to billion in We will try to maximize our market share by building intensive distribution.

Perceptions about terms and conditions: Using research, we are identifying the specific features and benefits that our target segments value. Contest This is a promotional tool where consumers compete for prizes or money on the basis of skills or ability.

Price offs in their opinion had relatively a greater impact compared to any other form of sales promotion activity like Bonus packs, Premium, Contests etc.

Our objective will be maximizing profits while defending market share.Operations Management Success Factors of Soft Drinks Manufacturers In Bangladesh 1 INTRODUCTION Soft Drinks Industry like other developing and developed countries is getting much popularity in Bangladesh.

the mango-flavored Slice. Pran, on the other hand, started with jam, jelly and pickle. Init started producing mango bottled juice.

Pran Rfl Company. PRAN GROUP Report on HR Department EXECUTIVE SUMMARY PRAN group of companies is one of the leading business institutes of have prepared report based on Practices of SHRM of Pran Food &Beverage.

Subject: Submission of report on “Management Function of PRAN”. The PRAN mango juice company is a very. For example, the mango juice is considered a drink which is refreshing during summer, yet taken regularly during winter as well.

The demand for some goods of PRAN rises considerably during different seasons, just like the demand for the Juice products rises during the month of Ramadan. This paper includes marketing mix, Sales promotional activities about Pran mango juice and present situation of the company.

Limitation Because of the lacking of sufficient data and keeping the information secret by the company, we have not been enabled to cover all the parts very clearly and perfectly.

Riyadh Zone my major responsibility was Monitoring Total Cash Management, Sales Report, Inventory and Depot operation.

I was assigned to work on the topic ‘Employees Reflection of PRAN Export Limited as it has Primarily Pran started with the production of Pran Mango Juice a very popular.

Management Function in Pran. Subject: Submission of report on “Management Function of PRAN”. process control and monitoring • maintenance of plant and equipment • control of inventory • Deciding the best production methods and factory layout.

The Sales & Marketing function • The.

Inventory management for pran mango juice
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