Latest review of literature on performance appraisal

The earliest formal employee performance evaluation program is thought to have originated in the United States military establishment shortly after the birth of the republic Lopez, The model can be applied to tope level, middle-level and lower level employees.

It is important to have an established reward system. Over-emphasis on favorable or unfavorable performance of one or two tasks which could lead to an unbalanced evaluation of the overall contribution.

In some cases, the plan might involve additional training. The employee development goals should be recognized as legitimate, and plans should be made to reach the goals through developmental experiences or education Barr, This approach not only motivates current performance but also assists the recruitment of current employees as qualified candidates for future positions Barr, Once these observations have been shared, the supervisor and employee should develop a mutual understanding about areas for improvement, problems that need to be corrected, and additional responsibilities that might be undertaken.

These pitfalls may include but are not limited to: The records should be accurate, relevant, and current.

Each employee should be allowed to participate in periodic sessions to review performance and clarify expectations. Purpose Performance appraisals should focus on three objectives: Too much attention to characteristics that have nothing to do with the job and are difficult to measure.

Pitfalls to Avoid When conducting performance appraisals on any level, it is important to keep in mind the common pitfalls to avoid. After a review of literature, a performance appraisal model will be described in detail.

Performance measurement allows the organization to tell the employee something about their rates of growth, their competencies, and their potentials. When the goals are identified, a plan for their achievement should be developed.

Sessions should be scheduled ahead of time in a comfortable setting and should include opportunities for self-assessment as well as supervisor feedback. Evaluating employee performance is a difficult task. The Americans with Disabilities Act ADA suggests that performance appraisals for people with disabilities for people with disabilities will not be conducted any differently than those for other employees.

In the counseling setting, performance information provides the vehicle for increasing satisfaction, commitment, and motivation of the hires, and the disbursement of any benefits which the employee may be entitled, or any grievances that employee may have.

(f) Employee is a person who is hired for a.

Writing a Literature Review on Performance Appraisal

Review of Literature 43 part of a year project funded by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations to the Society for Knowledge Economics in December, Literature review on performance appraisal Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. The performance appraisal system has most likely become a future-oriented approach as it aims to improve future performances by considering present problems.

Purposes of PAS. The most known purpose of performance appraisal is to improve performance of individuals. performance appraisal literature review The amount of research regarding the topic “Performance Appraisal” is so vast.

The topic is literally not new; it is as old as the formation of the organizations/5(3). Value of Your Literature Review on Performance Appraisal When you are taking college courses and studying to be an important member of today’s thriving business world, your professors will likely give you the task of writing essays and documents on real-world business issues.5/5.

Latest review of literature on performance appraisal
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