Possible topics for the crucible essay

How does the title of the play either reflect or inform the overall story? Decide whether you agree with this classification of the play. In choosing an essay topic, a good first step is to break down the book, play, or movie into categories such as setting, characters, major plot points, symbolism, and climax.

The fear escalates to such a dramatic degree that the dominant class must respond by quashing the supposed witches with extreme strategies: Do you think John Proctor made the right decision in choosing not to confess? John Proctor is accused of being a witch. Tituba confesses to witchcraft and names others.

What would you have done, if faced with the same dilemma?

5 Great Essay Topics for “The Crucible”

Elizabeth Proctor is arrested. What modern-day circumstances could be used in an adaptation of The Crucible?

What are some possible essay questions about characters in The Crucible?

John Proctor fights to get Elizabeth released from jail by indicting Abigal as a whore. Write an essay in which you offer a thoughtful analysis of this introduction. On the surface, The Crucible appears to be a tragedy. State whether you agree that The Crucible is a timeless tale, or whether you think the relevance of The Crucible will fade over time.

Identify the role that certain institutions including the courts and the church and religion played in establishing and perpetuating the power dynamics that you have identified.

Many scholars, for instance, have observed political comparisons, especially to McCarthyism. If you agree that The Crucible is a cautionary tale, identify what it cautions the reader against, and how it suggests that society avert or prevent such a fate.

In The Crucible, there are many options in each of these categories. If you do, identify the elements of the play that render it tragic. Consider whether power could have been employed different for alternate outcomes and explain why different tactics were neither considered nor used.

Carefully examine how this fear escalates, identifying who the responsible parties arewhat their stakes were, and what tactics they used to escalate concern in their community. What changes would need to be made to the major plot points to make sense in this new setting?

Some possible essay questions would be: Using the essay topics below in conjunction with the.

The Crucible

Who is the tragic hero of the play?- Long Essay - The Crucible q How is language used in The Crucible to express the emotional intensity if characters in conflict with each other and/or society and to convey the abstract ideas that emerge through that conflict.

1. A crucible is defined as a severe test. Write an essay discussing the significance of the title. What is "the crucible" within the play and how does it bring about change or reveal an individual's true character?

The Crucible Arthur Miller The Crucible essays are academic essays for citation.

These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of The Crucible. 5 Great Essay Topics for “The Crucible” Arthur Miller’s most famous work, “The Crucible,” offers plenty of opportunities for essay topics great for high school and college-aged students.

The Crucible Essay Questions - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. An essay following reading "The Crucible" by. When The Crucible was written many people refused to think for themselves concerning the trials of prospected communist, and Arthur Miller was the first.

In The Crucible, Arthur Miller, uses the Salem witch trials of to exhibit the dangerous McCarthyism, the bystander effect, and mass hysteria.

Possible topics for the crucible essay
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