The freedom to read under attack

Given the complete lack of transparency at Facebook and Twitter, and the fact that both companies are managed and staffed overwhelmingly by liberals, we can only assume the worst. The people should have the freedom to read and consider a broader range The freedom to read under attack ideas than those that may be held by any single librarian or publisher or government or church.

We are perhaps the most religiously developed nation in the world and can take pride in respecting all people as they fully exercise their faiths. The freedom to read is guaranteed by the Constitution. No art or literature can flourish if it is to be measured by the political views or private lives of its creators.

Not only do we possess freedom to exercise our beliefs but we also enjoy the freedom of speech. Freedom is no freedom if it is accorded only to the accepted and the inoffensive.

Freedom under Attack!

The number of cases that demonstrate a secular bias in Canada are too numerous to recite, but one typical example involves the legal case of S. This President and this Department of Justice are determined to protect and even advance this magnificent heritage.

This has been a core American principle from the beginning. These guys were ferocious. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionThe second explosion targeted those at the scene of the first These recent incidents bring the total number of journalist deaths in to 32, according to the International Federation of Journalists IFJ.

There is clearly still strong demand for a clean government and an independent media. We cut off literature at the source if we prevent writers from dealing with the stuff of life. But in recent years, the cultural climate in this country—and in the West more generally—has become less hospitable to people of faith.

We have been holding listening sessions and we will continue to host them in the coming weeks. In he was elected Vice President of the U. This focus will help us move faster on what we think is most important. The power of a democratic system to adapt to change is vastly strengthened by the freedom of its citizens to choose widely from among conflicting opinions offered freely to them.

We realize that the application of these propositions may mean the dissemination of ideas and manners of expression that are repugnant to many persons. Recent cases like the killing of Western journalists investigating corruption in Malta and Slovakia has garnered attention but Mahoney says this is only part of a bigger picture.

Religious Freedom forum draws attention to persecution, false imprisonment and re-education camps

It is not in the public interest to force a reader to accept the prejudgment of a label characterizing any expression or its author as subversive or dangerous. The freedom to read and write is almost the only means for making generally available ideas or manners of expression that can initially command only a small audience.

Thank you to Dorothy Williams from the Civil Rights Division for sharing your beautiful voice with us and singing our national anthem.

It is wrong that what one can read should be confined to what another thinks proper. Follow him on Twitter: The defense of the freedom to read requires of all publishers and librarians the utmost of their faculties, and deserves of all Americans the fullest of their support.

On Social Media, Freedom of Speech Is Under Attack [Updated]

There is some recent good news, however, on the free speech front, as the Human Rights Commissions are no longer being allowed to act on the problematic Section Reznik, with his ties to both a party in the current ruling coalition and to the dark decade of the s, symbolizes everything that people were protesting against this spring: But the latter two were succeeded by their allies, and Pellegrini lacks political clout.

This election, and much that has flowed from it, gives us a rare opportunity to arrest these trends. Let us be frank. Every day across America, they feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, educate our young people, and care for the sick.

At this press conference, the Facebook executives explained how the platform limits the circulation of ideas that are deemed to be untrue.

But Americans do not need others to do their thinking for them. Since Januarywe have obtained 11 indictments and seven convictions in cases involving arson or other attacks or threats against houses of worship. Two unidentified gunmen on a motorbike shot the year-old as he cycled home in an area that was familiar to him.Press Freedom Is Still Under Attack in Slovakia A journalist’s murder shocked the country in February, but it hasn’t led to a more independent media.

On Social Media, Freedom of Speech Is Under Attack [Updated] and free speech is under attack on both platforms. Most Read on Power Line. Many Americans have felt that their freedom to practice their faith has been under attack.

The Freedom to Read Statement

And it’s easy to see why. We’ve seen nuns ordered to buy contraceptives. Jul 24,  · Will you read Bob Woodward's new book? said in opening remarks that the right to religious freedom is under attack.

Canadian freedom is being taken away. Political and human rights legislation hides an anti-God agenda. Modern Britain, America and Canada will be punished for turning away from God. Home Read Magazines September-October Freedom under Attack! Freedom under Attack!

Press Freedom Is Still Under Attack in Slovakia

September-October. Gerald Weston. Tweet. Press Freedom Is Under Attack Across Southeast Asia.

World Press Freedom Day: Are journalists increasingly under attack?

government are now charging activists for all sorts of things and bringing in laws that will have an impact on press freedom.” Read.

The freedom to read under attack
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