The kargil conflict

Further clashes erupted in the glacial area inand as Pakistan sought, without success, to oust India from its stronghold. This fighter delivers its weapons with pinpoint accuracy. Dry, and at the same time very cold, the Kargil Mountains are a formidable constituent of the Greater Himalayas.

The coup was, however, was condemned by the international community which called for elections and an immediate return to civilian government. Air Operations From May 11 to May 25, ground troops supported by the Air Force tried to contain the threat, assessed the enemy dispositions and carried out various preparatory actions.

In drawing up its strategy, the Navy was clear that a reply to the Pakistani misadventure had to be two-pronged. From May 15 - 25,military operations were planned, troops moved to The kargil conflict attack locations, artillery and other equipment were moved in and the necessary equipment was purchased.

The seventeen-day war caused thousands of casualties on both sides and witnessed the largest engagement of armored vehicles and the largest tank battle since World War II. The mm Bofors medium guns and mm Indian field guns in the direct The kargil conflict role destroyed all visible enemy sangars and forced the enemy to abandon several positions.

Since any daylight attack would be suicidal, all the advances had to be made under the cover of darkness, escalating the risk of freezing. The main groups were broken into a number of smaller sub groups of 30 to 40 each for carrying out multiple intrusions along the ridgelines and occupy dominating heights.

They say truth is the first casualty in war. By 30 June Indian forces were prepared for a major high-altitude offensive against Pakistani posts along the border in the disputed Kashmir region.

Clinton rebuked Sharif, however, and asked him to use his contacts to rein in the militants and withdraw Pakistani soldiers from Indian territory. The Pakistan Army artillery units, which were inducted into the FCNA during the heavy exchange of fire from July to Septemberwere not de-inducted.

The soldier was eventually released as a goodwill gesture from the Pakistani side, and ceasefire violations stopped on either side as tensions were defused and normalcy returned to the Kashmir valley.

There are quite a few who blame their army for the folly of triggering the military standoff with The kargil conflict, more so when the two countries were trying to resolve their differences in a serious way. Some of the peaks that were of vital strategic importance to the Pakistani defensive troops were Point and Point Here was a man who tried everything to gain too much too quickly.

This was envisaged as the largest ever amassing of naval ships in the region. Fighting built up towards a direct conflict between the two states and tens of thousands of people were reported to have fled their homes on both sides of the ceasefire line.

Based on military tacticsmuch of the costly frontal assaults by the Indians could have been avoided if the Indian Military had chosen to blockade the supply route of the opposing force, creating a siege. The Red Cross reported that at least 30, people had been forced to flee their homes on the Pakistani side of the Line of Control.

It is difficult to digest that Kargil was in turmoil in Julybut the Indian prime minister made no mention of it during the Lahore talks in February the following year.

The fact that the enemy fired more than shoulder fired SAMs against IAF aircraft indicates not only the great intensity of the enemy air defences in the area but also the success of IAF tactics, especially after the first three days of the war during which not a single aircraft received even a scratch.

The operations restricted to Kargil area did not lend themselves to the use of air power. The speech belies all claims of victory in Kargil by either side.

Kargil War

It was initially estimated that there were about to 1, intruders occupying the heights but later it is estimated that the actual strength of the intruders may have been about 5, The Intruders on the heights were an amalgam of professional soldiers and mercenaries.

While ensuring safety and security of Indian maritime assets from a possible surprise attack by Pakistan, the Indian imperative was that all efforts must be made to deter Pakistan from escalating the conflict into a full scale war. The nuclear tests failed him; his own religious supporters failed him and now his crucial ally had let him down.

The intruders were also well armed with AK 47 and 56, mortars, artillery, anti aircraft guns, and Stinger missiles. The total number of Indian soldiers that were involved in the military operation on the Kargil-Drass sector was thus close to 30, Contrary to the expectations of his jingoistic supporters, the nuclear tests of May were electorally ruinous for his party, the BJP, which lost the key state elections in Delhi, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh to the Congress.

Instead he put Mr Sharif in the dock as a villain. Some of the posts put up a stiff resistance, including Tiger Hill Point that fell only later in the war.

Thousands of shells, bombs and rocket warheads wrecked havoc and prevented the enemy from interfering with the assault. After all, in the recent past no war has been won without control of the air space in which operations are conducted.Kargil Conflict. The Kargil War took place between May 8, when Pakistani forces and Kashmiri militants were detected atop the Kargil ridges and July 14 when both sides had essentially.

Kargil conflict Summary Conflict again erupted after India launched air strikes against Pakistani-backed forces that had infiltrated Indian-administered Kashmir. Commonly known as the Kargil War, this conflict between the two countries was mostly limited.

All you need to know about Kargil War

During earlyPakistani troops infiltrated across the Line of Control (LoC) and occupied Indian territory mostly in the Kargil district. May 28,  · Kargil war First of all I want to tell you some important key point with related to kargil war 1.

Objective and plan of kargil war from the Pakistan prospective.

Indo-Pakistani wars and conflicts

2. Who was involved 3. Location of kargil war. 4. Consequences. 1. Objectives an. Kargil Conflict The Kargil War took place between May 8, when Pakistani forces and Kashmiri militants were detected atop the Kargil ridges and July 14 when both sides had essentially ceased their.

The Kargil War (Hindi: करगिल युद्ध, kargil yuddh, Urdu: کرگل جنگ ‬ ‎ kargil jang), also known as the Kargil conflict, was an armed conflict between India and Pakistan that took place between May and July in the Kargil district of Kashmir and elsewhere along the Line of Control (LOC).

The kargil conflict
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