The life and times of war hero benedict anorld

In his regimental memorandum book, Arnold wrote: Thereafter his name became an epithet for traitor in the United States. Library of Congress, Washington, D. He later said in his own defense that he was loyal to his true beliefs, yet he lied at the same time by insisting that Peggy was totally innocent and ignorant of his plans.

Quebec Campaign The Second Continental Congress authorized an invasion of Quebecin part on the urging of Arnold—but he was passed over for command of the expedition. The niche reserved for Arnold on the south side, facing West Point, is empty.

Arnold commanded the army only until May 20, when Lord Cornwallis arrived with the southern army and took over. Washington then made one of the worst decisions of his career, appointing Arnold as military governor of the rich, politically divided city.

Upon the outbreak of hostilities at Lexington, Massachusetts AprilArnold volunteered for service and participated with Ethan Allen in the successful colonial attack on British-held Fort TiconderogaNew Yorkthe following month.

In the battles against Burgoyne, Arnold served under General Horatio Gatesan officer whom Arnold came to hold in contempt.

Who Served Here?

She… was the conduit for information to the British. General George Washingtonthe commander in chief of the Continental Army, urged Arnold to reconsider. But by the end of the year, with the Continental Army run out of New York City and retreating across New Jersey, he had lost faith in his commander.

Why Benedict Arnold Turned Traitor Against the American Revolution

Although it later became convenient to portray Arnold as a conniving Satan from the start, the truth is more complex and, ultimately, more disturbing.

On May 5, Arnold wrote his commander what can only be described as a hysterical letter. Not only would he be able to walk away from his current financial obligations, he might command a figure from the British that would make him independently wealthy for life.

I wish your Excellency for your long and eminent services may not be paid of in the same coin. John Andre to deliver the fort at West Point to Clinton in return for 20, English pounds, a huge fortune at the time. Hundreds of American soldiers were killed, wounded or captured, and Canada remained in British hands.

The purpose of the expedition was to rally the inhabitants of Canada behind the Patriot cause and deprive the British government of a northern base from which to mount strikes into the 13 colonies.

He presided over the rear of the Continental Army during its retreat from Saint-Jean, where he was reported by James Wilkinson to be the last person to leave before the British arrived.

For his services he was restored to his proper relative rank.Benedict Arnold (January 14, [O.S. January 3, ] – June 14, ) was an American military officer who served as a general during the American Revolutionary War, fighting for the American Continental Army before betraying them to the British in and traitor War changes everything.

Before he fell in love with Peggy Shippen Before he met Major John Andre Benedict Arnold was a hero. He had extraordinary courage. Watch video · Benedict Arnold was an American Revolutionary War general best known for his defection from the Continental Army to the British side of the conflict in The ascetic patriot radicals were not happy with this behavior, and they made Arnold’s life miserable by bringing criminal charges against him.

Why, Arnold responded, should a wounded war hero. Why Benedict Arnold Turned Traitor Against the American Revolution The story behind the most famous betrayal in U.S. history shows the complicated politics of the nation’s earliest days.

Benedict Arnold was born on January 14, in Norwich, Connecticut.

Benedict Arnold

Arnold was one of a number of Benedict Arnolds including his father and his great-grandfather, an early governor of Rhode's mother was Hannah Waterman King, a wealthy widow, before her .

The life and times of war hero benedict anorld
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