The need to conserve our beaches essay

Yet here in New Zealand, the subsidy on fertiliser has been abolished inleading to accelerated erosion and problems in coastal seas in the nineties. Most beach resorts suffer from this problem. The sand needs to look clean, particularly when dried except for our black iron sand beaches and grey beaches with rock sand.

This sea wall could be constructed anywhere up to m in the sea, reclaiming land for a buffer zone, but it would diminish the value of local property if what remains of the beach is moved further away. The examples may illuminate general considerations.

It has a large wild, bare dune to its south and is flanked by a small estuary to the west.

It is an excellent candidate for encompassing the entire, uninhabited peninsula, mountains, beach, dunes, sea, exposed rocky shore and part of the entrance to the Whangarei Harbour, into a pristine wilderness area.

Rolling dunes are characterised by a distinct low fore dune with hardly any vegetation and behind it a second dune with some vegetation, followed by one or more taller dunes. Beach dwellers are highly motivated to stop sand from moving.

The houses and trees lift the sea wind from the beach. Once the plough goes in, erosion accelerates many times. By zoning the whole coast The need to conserve our beaches essay risk areas, potential buyers are made aware of potential risk.

In many places the dunes need to be reshaped for a wind profile that does not lift the wind from the beach and which has a low, unvegetated fore dune.

Because soils world-wide erode much more rapidly today than in the past, more sand is reaching the coast than ever before and there appears to be an excess of sand in most coastal waters. So one does not need to spend decades of laborious monitoring of the sand budget in order to qualify the health of a given beach.

Many good practices are known to minimise the loss of land but also on pastoral land, farming practice can be improved considerably. Ironically, just past the continental shelf, there exists a shortage of nutrients and fish.

A bit of knowledge of how the beach was some fifty years ago may back your observations. Only clean, coarse sand can be kept on these beaches by the motion of the waves. During storms the dry beach will disappear but it will rebuild rapidly due to dewatering.

Tall dunes should be mined too, in order to reduce their height. It is sparsely vegetated and its sand can wander freely. Beach dwellings, although lower than hotels, are placed close together and owners plant sheltering vegetation.

Shelter belts have a major influence on the health of the beach. Most visitors visiting Northland, come past the Hokianga Harbour where they marvel at the tall sand dunes marking its entrance. Consequently, coastal properties and living on the beach, have been overvalued.

In general, the top of the beach should dry, even during an overcast day. It slows the drying of the beach. Where beaches depend on a constant supply of new sand, this causes beaches to erode while otherwise healthy.

They are worth preserving as a unique wilderness habitat. Tall buildings or any obstruction close to the beach will influence the wind as far away as 30 times its height.

Many of the work and ideas presented in this section on beach erosion and its probable causes, need to be backed by solid scientific investigation. On left a tall rock face but in the distance low profiled dunes and a steep beach with clean sand.

The Parengarenga harbour is sparsely populated and it is a traditional homeland for the native Maori people. You may return for another visual check and compare the beach with other beaches on the same day. You may have to come back a few times because winds do change direction and change the lay of the ripples.

Its steeply sloping beach consists of clean sand and it is backed by gently sloping fore dunes and low profile rear dunes. The beach then dies, not able to repair itself. Some beaches drop off steeply into a current channel and their bases consist of hard rock.

It is backed by a wetland reserve and is a prime candidate for a pristine dune wilderness area, fronted by a large marine reserve. After treatment, the sewage has become ideally balanced fertiliser and when let loose in the sea, it fertilises the plant plankton which blooms excessively, causing problems to our seas and preventing beach sand from either drying or moving crusting.

10 tips for saving our beaches

Even shrubs closer than m from the high water line should be taken out or left in small groups. Ripples are a health symptom, particularly when they run parallel with the beach. The whole is covered in large boulders.Our beaches are beautiful places to enjoy your Sand Cloud all year round.

The salty sea is the ultimate playground, and the sandy shore serves as a great break spot for your much needed R&R. However, our oceans are in danger. There are a staggering amount of threats to our shores and seas.

Sadly, while we may have the best intentions, all of. Why protect our oceans? People need air to breathe, water to drink, food to eat, new medicines, a climate we can live in, beauty, inspiration and recreation. no dry beach: The dry beach, the beach above spring high tide, extending to the fore dune is present only in very healthy beaches.

3 Reasons It's Important to Keep The Beaches Clean

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of 1. Next. The Need to Conserve Our Beaches. There is a need to conserve our beaches nowadays. There are many reasons why we need to protect our beaches.

We need beaches for our boats, seafood, and prevention from dangerous natural disasters. Beaches help us in many ways, they protect, help, and support our earth by helping prevent many storms, help regulate our waves and sea levels, and also provide a home and temporary home for many animals.

THE BEACH essaysA place that I enjoy going to is the beach. It is seen as a place of relaxation because it is normally quiet and peaceful there. To look around you and see the beauty of mother nature at it's finest.

The need to conserve our beaches essay
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