Thesis statement for cause and effect of peer pressure

Others ways that can prevent any type of rebellion by teens is setting up firm boundaries and having regular and open discussions with their children. Careless mistakes of giving in to a partner can often lead to unwanted pregnancies, which leave both people at risk of having to drop out of school and leaving their education behind.

Naturally teens feel that social acceptance must have some catch to it, which causes them to engage in risky behaviors. Drugs like alcohol have harmful effects on the brain. In addition many females say that they give in to sex because of their boyfriends. Peer Pressure As hundreds of kids enter middle and high school each year, almost every one of them is negatively influenced academically by peer pressure.

Once becomes twice and then a few more times. Statistic show that one in three teen males feel pressured by male friends to have sex before they are ready.

One of the most common situations of peer pressure is teen drinking. During the four years of high school many students go to parties where drinking is basically a social norm and all partygoers are expected to engage in the festivities.

Students who are socially lower than others strive to reach a certain level of acceptance start cutting classes or stop doing work thinking it will give them more time to prove they can be cool. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to development of brain disorders such as Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome WKSwhich can lead to learning disabilities, which would be detrimental to students.

Sure you might refuse a cigarette or some other drug once or twice, but what if your friends keep persisting that you just try it once? Statistics show that many teens would rather surrender to peer pressure than looked down upon by other schoolmates.

The main purpose of going to school is to get a proper education so that in the future one will succeed. With all the ways that peer pressure can mess with the well being of teenagers, there are ways of preventing teens from surrendering. Researchers have seen that one of the most effective ways of preventing teens from feeling that they need to do what others think is acceptable is family support.

According to researchers homes that have less rules and uninvolved parents are most vulnerable to falling victim to peer pressure. But what is school life without having friends to endure the ups and downs with you?

Studies show that drinking early on in life can not only cause severe liver problems but also memory lapse and brain erosion. Drugs tend to falsely activate neurotransmitters that cause exhilaration and other pleasurable feelings that may last for a short period of time; however they also leave behind long term effects that cause memory loss and irrational thinking While drugs and alcohol can lead to harmful malfunctions of the brain there is also the case of teenage pregnancy.

Teens can feel pressured into following the crowd and becoming just like others in order to be accepted. Many often fall into the wrong crowd and change their personality just to fit in with others, while others risk themselves under the impression they will make friends only to be ridiculed.

Peer pressure can come in many forms such as drinking, drugs, and stealing amongst other things, putting their health or reputation on the line. Giving in to pressure is mostly caused by lack of confidence or isolation, or simply the result of bullying or even having parents that are not strict enough.cause and effects of peer pressure Cause/Effect Essay Outline Introduction Attention Getter (quote, anecdote, statistic, startling statement) Background (what does the reader need to know about the overall topic?) Thesis Statement Smoking causes serious issues such as cancer, emphysema, and cardiovascular disease.

Body Point #1 Topic. Peer pressure can cause drug and alcohol addictions, being caught shoplifting, failing exams, and other problems. The findings suggest that teenage peer pressure has a distinct effect on brain signals involving risk and reward, helping to explain why young people are more likely to misbehave and take risks when their friends are watching.

Nov 07,  · I think the thesis statement is well written.

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Your paragraphs are good. They aren’t too long nor are they short. She thinks that peer pressure is bad and can cause others to make bad decisions.

C) She tries to “hook” the audience by giving statistics and saying how we are affected by peer pressure - Strict parents. The Effects of Peer Pressure Essay.

The findings suggest that teenage peer pressure has a distinct effect on brain signals involving risk and reward, helping to explain why young people are more likely to misbehave and take risks when their friends are watching.” Thesis Statement: Peer Pressure affect teenagers to cultivate bad.

Oct 29,  · Help writing a thesis statement on peer pressure? Peer pressure can effect a childs ability to be themselves and express their own ideas. With the help of parents and their influences, children may be able to express and stand up for themselves.

thesis: parents affect peer pressure because sometimes they pressure Status: Resolved.  Causes and Effects of Peer Pressure Everest College Cause and Effects of Peer Pressure Peer pressure is a way to control or influence others A negative effect of peer pressure is anything that someone forces another .

Thesis statement for cause and effect of peer pressure
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