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The School provides a thriving academic environment that embraces diversity. The distance program is only available to students residing in North America. Margins All margins of your ETD are to be set at 2.

Only application packages that are complete will be considered for review. These licences clearly stipulate that you own the copyright to your thesis, but that you have allowed "non-exclusive" use of your thesis to the University Library and Library and Archives Canada.

Please note that there is one admissions intake per year for the MPH Program. Due to the high volume of applicants, we are unable to respond to individual inquiries. Remember at all times that plagiarism is a serious offence and could jeopardize an entire academic career.

The online option is most suitable for part-time study years.

It is understood that any copying or publication of the thesis in any manner in whole or in part for financial gain requires University of saskatchewan thesis permission of the author. Departments and colleges are expected to provide students with titles of style manuals on thesis writing which they currently approve.

Accepted rules of grammar must be followed, and forms of spelling and punctuation must be used with consistency. It offers graduate students integrated learning opportunities in the five core disciplines of public health: Are the margins set appropriately and consistently throughout the document?

It was a diagram of the apparatus used in performing the experiment, showing the changes made by the University of saskatchewan thesis team. Students should seek guidance from their supervisor regarding the use of a style manual appropriate to the academic discipline in which they are working, as well as other guides needed to write correctly and effectively.

I am writing a manuscript-style thesis. If you are writing a manuscript-style thesis, the key things to know about copyright are: This will normally occur after all course work and required examinations are completed, the thesis topic has been approved by the Advisory Committee, and the results of research findings are available.

For more information about writing a manuscript-style thesis, please visit this Manuscript-Style Theses and Dissertations page which includes a section about copyright and related section about co-authored manuscripts. Your committee may prefer the working paper drafts to be double spaced for editing purposes, but smaller line spacing is easier to read on a computer screen.

The experience of intellectual debate provided by seminars is vital to graduate study. All remaining pages of the thesis, beginning with the introduction Chapter One should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals consistent text font style and size 11pt or 12pt is appropriate.

Here is an example statement: In addition to the information on this page, please review the College of Graduate Studies and Research Public Health Program page before you apply to the program.

All chapters should begin on a new page and should have a top margin of 2 inches 5cmwith the page number centered at the bottom. Definition of a "substantial part of a work" depends on several factors, principally the quantity and quality of the portion taken and the economic impact of the ability of the copyright owner to profit from the exploitation of the work.

Residency Requirement The University of Saskatchewan encourages students to spend time on campus interacting with faculty, researchers and other students and participating in the academic life of the university. In some instances, copying even a short excerpt may be sufficient to constitute infringement.

The copyright owner may require payment in exchange for use of the manuscript and the student is responsible for that payment. How do I determine who the copyright holder is and how do I go about getting permission from them?The thesis bindery used by the University of Saskatchewan is Universal Bindery.

University of Saskatchewan Theses

Call ahead for current price and time estimates. Call ahead for current price and time estimates. Allow at least two to three weeks for binding. The University of Saskatchewan encourages students to spend time on campus interacting with faculty, researchers and other students and participating in the academic life of the university.

Student Theses and Dissertations Below is a list of theses and dissertations that have been completed by students with the Centre for the Study of Co-operatives as well as students supervised by Centre faculty.

University of Saskatchewan Theses 8,+ volumes; includes bound copies of all masters' and doctoral theses accepted by U of S since Access: material is catalogued and the records are accessible on the on-line catalogue. eCommons collects, preserves, and promotes the discovery of research, scholarly and artistic work in digital format produced by librarians and archivists at the University of Saskatchewan.

It also functions as the digital repository for the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies electronic theses collection. This collections holds all University of Saskatchewan electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) published since More than print theses published before have been digitized and added to the collection as well.

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University of saskatchewan thesis
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